Citizen Khan is one of the most watched comedy shows on British television and has been bestowed four awards by the Royal Television Society – including ‘Best Performance in a Comedy’, awarded to Adil Ray in both 2013 and 2014. The success of the critically acclaimed, hugely popular, BBC One series has been attributed to its family audience and popularity with younger viewers over alternative comedies on TV. 
Mr Khan, created and performed by Adil Ray, is a larger than life character, with strong opinions and big dreams, facing the challenge of how to make ends meet yet keep his family happy.  
On announcing his first ever solo live stage tour, Mr Khan, Community Leader, said: "Hello. It's without question a real honour for the people from some of these average towns and cities to have me come visit. I'm very excited about this tour, especially the prospect of checking in to the nation's Travel Lodges. And no, my in laws in Bradford and my cousins in Leicester, Leeds, Coventry, Blackburn, Nottingham and Leeds you can't have any free tickets. Get lost."

Warwick Arts Centre welcomes Citizen Khan to the Butterworth Hall stage on Monday 2 May.