As her current single ‘Release You’ stirs elements of pop, opera, trip-hop and pop into one singular sonic style, rising talent Claudilleawanted its video to be just as atypical as the song. As its director and co-producer, that’s exactly what she delivered with the visual which she now unveils.

The ‘Release You’ video was informed by three main needs. 

Claudillea wanted to achieve a completely different aesthetic to the experimental elegance of ‘Don’t You Know?’, while also providing an intriguing visual metaphor for the song’s lyrics on a limited budget. Sharing ideas with friends led to Claudillea unlocking the song’s concept, which she brought to life with the help of creative and artistic director Anna Kezia Williams (Caroline Polachek, GRACEY), director of photography/editor Ronan O’Loughlin and co-producer / assistant director Tamryn Lidell.
The song meditates upon lies perpetuated by people in positions of influence - their time running out as more people realise that the truth is somewhat different. It can also be interpreted on a personal level, too. The video plays on that concept in an empowering way. While Claudillea’s flat is swamped by infinite popcorn (a metaphor for the lines), the shifting sand on the egg timer is indicative of the moment that these lies are finally exposed.
Claudillea says: “My previous videos were serious and refined, so this time I wanted to do something completely different to what I had done before. We filmed in my old flat, which is about to be knocked down and doesn’t have any heating or hot water. The final scene of me eating popcorn represents me reclaiming the power, and not letting the lies control or consume me.”
The ‘Release You’ video is also notable as its interior shots were filmed using a vintage Bolex Super 16 camera. The camera captures a grainy, nostalgic, throwback vision, but it also made for an unusual challenge: with a limited quantity of film readily available, those shots had to be captured in a single-take.
Claudillea’s story is just as unique as her music. She was born in England, but grew up in Borneo, Kuala Lumpur and the USA. Her classical training in the States revealed mixed emotions about opera in the contemporary world.

On one hand it’s an inspiring expression that should be accessible to all just as it was when it was the pop music of the era. On the other, it’s being held back by its exclusivity and purity. Returning to London, Claudillea was determined to put those traditions in a fresh context that would speak to a new audience.

It was a belief that first began to inspire audiences when she competed on The Voice. She was initially on Meghan Trainor’s team before being poached by Will.I.Am, her performances of ‘Paint It, Black’ and ‘Queen of the Night’ providing an alternative to the show’s pop focus.

Since then, she has ventured into taking her OPPOP genre into the world - an accessible sound that hits the sweet spot between the beauty, drama and theatrical grandeur of her operatic roots; and an unrestrained, limitless exploration of modernist pop influences.