Coventry businesswoman partners with baby charity Bliss after skin-to-skin contact helped aid...

Coventry businesswoman partners with baby charity Bliss after skin-to-skin contact helped aid premature son’s recovery


A Coventry mother has partnered with Bliss, the premature and sick baby charity, in order to promote the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for all babies after her son was brought back from the brink of death.

In 2008, Leigh Dumighan’s son Warwick was born 11 weeks early and fighting for his life. The doctors told the family that Warwick would not make it and Leigh and her son were discharged from the hospital so that he could pass away peacefully at home.

Warwick was given palliative care but he began to respond to the skin-to-skin contact – known as “kangaroo care” and fought on. He is now a happy and loving older brother to four-year-old Wade.

Leigh has gone on to run Kangaroo Care UK, a social enterprise business to educate parents and health care professionals about the benefits of prolonged skin to skin contact.

The company also retails specialist wraps made by Vija Designs that help parents hold babies comfortably for long periods of time. Vija Designs already donate £1 to Bliss for every product they sell on their website.

In order to celebrate Kangaroo Care Awareness Day earlier this month, Vija Designs are also donating 50 per cent of profits made to Bliss on specially designed t-shirts that share the message of the importance of skin-to-skin contact.

Leigh Dumighan said:

“Our teeny weenie is our miracle man as he stayed with us. He’s now eight years old and the power of skin to skin is a life saver. He didn’t ‘suit’ the incubator.  He wanted real love and touch. He craved Mommy’s warmth, safety and smell and he felt content when he had it. It felt normal for him and he felt better when he was on me. He loved it so much that our kangaroo care cuddles made him strong enough to fight to stay with us.

“We designed t-shirts for mums and dads that share the message ‘skin to skin, heart to heart’ the position where babies are placed during Kangaroo Care, which is where Warwick found the strength to keep going.  We are donating 50% of the profits from these t-shirts to Bliss with the aim of raising £1,000 for the charity’s work supporting parents of premature and sick babies.”

Caroline Lee-Davey, CEO of Bliss said:

“We are really pleased that Vija Design is supporting Bliss. We know the huge difference that Kangaroo care and skin to skin contact can make – boosting babies’ development, protecting and enhancing their growth and overall health, and supporting bonding with mum and dad. In the long term it also helps parents to feel closer to their babies and more confident in caring for them.”

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