Pirate Hunters are rumoured to be arriving at Pirate's Quest ready for a brand new adventure  previewing February Half Term. In 1721 a Pirate Hunter's Ship called the 'Royal Anne' left England with the intention of sailing to the Caribbean to capture pirates… but she was not destined to complete that voyage. The ship crashed just off the south coast of Cornwall, and this is where your adventure begins!

A real LIVE pirate from the infamous 'Republic of Pirates' will rescue you from the sinking Royal Anne, and then lead you through the mystical caves and murky streets of eighteenth century Cornwall to Towan Blystra Docks in hopes of escaping the dastardly Pirate Hunters who are hot on your trail.

You'll be invited into the tavern, a safe haven for pirates, before deciding whether you're brave enough to enter the optional scare section.

Eventually you'll arrive at the Captain's Ship, ready to set sail to an exotic Caribbean island and join your crewmates in The Republic of Pirates.

Junior buccaneers can also complete a treasure map to claim a Republic of Pirates Membership Card and earn themselves some Treasure.

Have you got what it takes to join the Republic of Pirates?