According to research1 conducted by the health and wellness booking app, MINDBODY, over half (55%) of those who exercise frequently say they are least motivated to exercise during winter.

Leading UK Sports Performance Mind Coach Nick Davies explains: "Winter is that time of year where temperatures get a lot colder and we get a lot less sunshine. This can lead to low mood in some people and a desire to curl up in the warmth of our own homes, meaning the likelihood of going to the gym is a lot less than in warmer months.”

With these figures in mind, MINDBODY has shared five simple tips to help beat the seasonal slump this year, to keep you on track to meet your health and wellness-related goals.

1. The perfect playlist

Whether you’re struggling to find the motivation to hit your fitness goals, or you’re in need of a little energy boost mid-cardio, the right music could be the missing ingredient in your workout.

Professor Andy Lane, Sports Psychologist at The University of Wolverhampton, explains: “Music is excellent for motivation and can definitely help with endurance during exercise. Listening to music can enhance your mood and help divert your attention away from feeling tired or bored which can often arise through the repetitiveness of certain exercises.”

MINDBODY recently curated a playlist in collaboration with leading studios, full of songs that are most likely to increase motivation during a workout:

• Pinnacles - Four Tet • Freaks - Timmy Trumpet • Run boy Run - Woodkid • Rapture – Nadia Ali • Losing It – Fisher • Differentology – Bunji Garlin • Higher Ground – TNGHT • Chameleon – Pnau • Play – Jax Jones • Old Friend – Elderbrook

2. Workout with a friend

Having someone alongside you during a tough workout can go a long way when it comes to motivation. In fact, over a third (34%)3 of gym-goers believe having a partner to workout with increases their motivation and makes them work harder. One in four (24%) even said it improves the effectiveness of their workout.

Moreover, having a workout buddy also holds you accountable for your workouts. After all, you can’t cancel last minute because someone else is relying on you to turn up!

3. Tune your alarm

That early morning alarm is probably up there with the worst sound in the world. But, what if your morning alarm actually made you excited for the day ahead?

Change the boring, painful tune you’re familiar with to something you love. Maybe it’s your favourite song, or music that makes you feel energised. By doing so, you'll wake up with a spring in your step and ready to fit in that early morning workout!

4. Try a new class

From Pilates to Barre, HIIT, Bootcamp and Spin – whatever your fitness goals may be, there will be a class suitable for you.

Not only do most classes take place indoors (so you’ll stay nice and warm), but they are also great for your motivation as you’ll be working out alongside other class participants with an encouraging instructor guiding you through the routine to ensure you’re always hitting your personal best.

5. Recover

If you’re really struggling to find the motivation to work out, then don’t. Instead, focus your attention on rest and recovery, which has a whole host of benefits ranging from injury prevention, to minimising fatigue, and reducing stress.

Rest and recovery doesn’t necessarily mean staying at home doing nothing. According to MINDBODY data, the recovery trends and treatments growing in popularity this year are:

1. Cryotherapy 2. Water Therapy 3. Sports Massage 4. Recovery through Nutrition 5. Restorative/Yin Yoga

Commenting on the research, a spokesperson from MINDBODY, says: “Everyone struggles with their motivation at this time of year, and although it can be difficult, it’s important to remember why you’re on the health/fitness journey, and the goals you want to achieve.

“If you miss a workout, don’t worry, you’re only human! However, take these motivational tips into consideration and start again the following day.”