Fridays Launches Mr Grey’s Screaming Orgasm Cocktail

Fridays Launches Mr Grey’s Screaming Orgasm Cocktail


The Fridays-original creation features Baileys, Amaretto, Grey Goose vodka, Blovad black vodka, and white Cacau – a chocolate-infused liqueur made from the cacao seed which has aphrodisiacal qualities. The chemicals in the bean are said to stimulate the senses and heighten feelings of joy and pleasure. The black vodka creates the cascading, layered effect, which moves from a dark to a pale grey throughout the drink.

Terry McDowell, TGI Fridays Head of Drink Development commented: “With a number of our restaurants located near cinemas, we know that many of our guests are huge film fans, so we decided to use Fifty Shades Darker as the inspiration for our latest cocktail. And no, there is no virgin option available when it comes to this cocktail!

“We’ve designed the drink to reflect the film – not just in its colour, but with luxurious and aphrodisiacal ingredients. So, when you come into Fridays over the next week, Mr Grey will definitely see you now.”

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