Get your dog summer ready

Get your dog summer ready


Summer is finally here and the UK is awash with BBQ’s, long light evenings and plenty of outdoor adventures for the whole family, dogs and all. There may be lots of walkies and adventures ahead but Lintbells, manufacturers of premium natural pet supplements have put together some summer essentials to make sure you look after your dog’s wellbeing during these sunny months.

  • Doggie hayfever

Believe it or not this is in fact a real thing, and can be something that a lot of dog owners are unaware of. Your dog may not be sneezing, as humans would, but there are a number of other signs you can look out for. These include dogs scratching or nibbling at their body, licking or biting their paws or rubbing their face on furniture. If you do spot any of these signs in your furry friend, try boosting their skins defences by adding an Omega 3&6 supplement like YuMEGA Itchy Dog.

  • Summer skin care

As with humans, it is important to look after your dog’s skin in the summer particularly when temperatures start to rise. Sunburn is a key thing to look out for especially in pale coloured dogs and dogs with very short coats. Try to keep them in the shade where possible or use a dog-safe SPF. Hotspots on your dog’s skin may also be a problem; the humid weather can cause these hotspots to flare up. Keep an eye out and make sure you have some antibacterial YuCARE Skin Cream on hand. Finally, remember if it is too hot to walk barefoot on the pavement then it is too hot for your dog’s paws, so maybe wait a few hours until it is cooler for that promised walkies.

  • Be BBQ savvy

Everyone loves a Great British BBQ but lots of meat, heat and dogs don’t always happily mix. It’s important to set some ground rules with your guests to ensure they are strict with the treats and don’t feed your pooch, which we know can be hard when they look at you with those sad eyes. However as a precaution it’s important to keep a digestive supplement on hand, such as YuDIGEST PLUS for dogs, just in case your pooch sneaks a sausage when your back is turned.

  • Stress-free Summer

As much as we all love the warmer days summer also brings with it lots of excitement and adventures, however, this could potentially be stressful for some dogs. With all the extra travel, busy households with guests and parties or new unfamiliar surroundings nervous or sensitive dogs may struggle. A calming supplement like YuCALM Dog can be really helpful for putting anxious dogs at ease during the summer excitement.

John Davies, co-founder of Lintbells, said “We know how much fun these summer months can be for both owners and their dogs, but we are also passionate about ensuring dogs are kept well. We hope these top summer essential tips help dog owners across the UK to get their furry friends summer ready, and can enjoy the seasons safely.”

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