Poetry Global.com is a new online poetry platform, displaying ‘conscious’ poetry from around the world. The theme of the pieces is centred around Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, Environmental Rights, Social Justice and Mental Health. The Deol Foundation U.K has created this project to assist citizens in relaying their truths free from class, gender, corporate, environmental, religious, and political oppression.


Along with established poets, encouragement will also be given to students, those from underprivileged backgrounds and underrepresented communities. A special focus will further be placed on tribal peoples from around the globe who are often left voiceless in their struggle against loggers, miners, oil companies and large corporates in their struggle to stop the destruction of tribal lands, livelihoods and lives.

These poetic verses are an outcry to question, protect and demonstrate our civil rights, and ultimately our universal human rights. The issues are as relevant as ever and using creativity, not be passive observers, but instead take on the overwhelming challenge in their own lives, to find their way, and to make a positive contribution to their own societies at the world at large.


Timeless Wealth

Where to begin….

The never-ending tale

Of exploitation and greed.

From time immemorial

The serpent of wealth

Has suffocated the throats of humanity.

So, it was then

As it is now

And So shall it continue

Poem By: Sir-Inder Deol