Music legend, Balwinder Safri’s health has taken a turn for the worse as his family continue to fight for his life with hospital staff.

Safri’s daughter, Priya Kumari revealed that doctors at Wolverhampton hospital were preparing to switch off his dyalisis treatment.

She has accused the hospital of “neglect” and said that they were not “giving him time to come out of the coma.”

Safri was admitted to hospital in April for a triple bypass surgery. A statement from Priya said: “On the 22nd April Balwinder Singh Safri had a planned operation which was a triple bypass which had risks of e.g a stroke and kidney failure which the surgeon explained to Balwinder and his partner Nikki. The consultant that did the surgery is Abdul Aziz.

“The procedure took overall five hours at 7.30pm on the same day the partner and the daughter received a phone call to come to the hospital immediately because he was deteriorating. When the family got there they were told that the doctor had to do another bypass because there was a artery blocked so from the 24th April Balwinder didn’t wake up and went into a coma.

“A week later Dr Aziz told his partner that there is a investigation taking place at present due to a piece of equipment that was faulty and that this is why it took longer to attend to Balwinder. Later on it was confirmed in a CT scan that he has significant brain damage. Two weeks after everyone e.g doctors and nurses kept saying to the family that he needs to respond to commands in order for us to know he is ok.

“On the 3rd week he started to respond a little bit but the ICU staff chose to ignore all of it. Coming up to four weeks his kidneys are failing he is not responding as much as he was before. Balwinder Singh Safri’s condition is like this because of New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton ICU ward due to their neglect.

“They are not giving him time to come out of the coma and are refusing to keep him on dialysis and all they keep repeating to the family is that he is not going to wake up even though from day one he has been breathing all by himself.”