The ‘Singer 2024’ on Hunan Satellite TV Mango TV has gathered music talents from all over the world upon the background of a "beautiful diversity" of the music civilization community.

The starting lineup of Singer with Chanté Moore, a singer from the United States, and Faouzia, a Moroccan-North African singer, has conveyed the borderless charm of music with different styles of songs on the stage of Singer. During the time of their participation in the program in China, they have deeply understood the Chinese culture, experienced the urban charm, and conducted a deep cultural exchange as well as mutual learning with Chinese singers and audiences.

On the stage of the four episodes that have been broadcast, Chanté Moore has made a bold challenge with singing the "Wrecking Ball" in rock 'n' roll-style, setting the whole scene on fire with a dynamic performance and successfully won the championship. Her unique voice and passionate interpretation not only made online singers feel the "power of music", but also conquered a lot of audiences.

The overseas rising star Faouzia, who won the "Singer 2024" weekly championship for two consecutive weeks, has repeatedly refreshed the audience's understanding of her musical style. Upon reminiscing her previous performance on the stage, each song of Faouzia has shown the multi-level understanding of the music by the new emerging forces born after 2000 in the music industry and has gained many audience favour. There are over 160 top-searched topics about her all over the network, and the total amount of communication topics has reached 2.5 billion.

This international music competition is not only a collision on the musical level, but also a deep integration of multiculturalism. As the starting lineup, Chanté Moore and Faouzia have developed a great interest in Chinese traditional culture and folk customs during the competition. Not only did they hang out in the streets of Changsha and taste the beauty of Hunan cuisine, but they also checked in many times on ancient streets with local culture and full of everyday life, and shared the gastronomic scenery of Changsha on their overseas social media platform, calling for more friends to visit China.

On the occasion of the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Chanté Moore and Faouzia have also put on costumes of Han-Chinese in brand-new style and experienced the folk customs of Dragon Boat Festival from zero distance. In the process of experiencing the making of Zongzi, Chanté Moore has expressed her great admiration for Chinese ethnic culture. In an exclusive interview with China Daily, she has also appealed to more foreigners to come to China and experience Chinese culture with a humble and studious attitude.

The broadcasting of "Singer 2024" has caused extensive discussion around the world due to the affectionate performances of many international singers. The overseas dissemination has continued to soar. The live data of Mango TV International App has continuously rocketed. The total number of official content plays on overseas social media platforms has exceeded 12.4 million, covering more than 100 million users.