Multi-platinum global superstar Jason Derulo teams up Belgian artist/producer Robinson and afrorave prodigy Rema for new trendsetting single. Robinson & Jason Derulo Feat. Rema’s "Ayo Girl (Fayahh Beat)” is available now via Future History/Artist Partner Group/Atlantic Records at all DSPs and streaming services.

“Ayo Girl (Fayahh Beat)” sees Derulo joining forces with Robinson, a multilingual musician of African decent with roots in Cameroon and DR Congo. Heavily influenced and inspired by gospel music and French Afrobeats, Robinson uploaded his beat for “Fayahh” to YouTube last year, spawning a breakout sound on TikTok where several versions of the instrumental beat have been created, combined with thousands of UGC videos. The sound has sparked multiple trends from the belly dancing/waistline challenge, comedic/relatable content, and the two finger zoom challenge. In addition, “Fayahh” has also garnered UGC on YouTube with several TikTok compilations and more than 1M unofficial music videos. 
Now adding 21-year-old, global phenomenon Rema to the “Fayahh” mix, who initially came onto the scene debuting his first project “EP”. Since then the afrobeat genius has created a haze of excitement around him that is spreading across the continents. Creating his own genre of music and earning over 100M streams, Rema continues to rise to stardom. Stamping his name in the world of afrorave, the young legend proves his undeniable energy with Derulo, making for a dynamic force on the track.

“Jason reached out to me to be on the record so of course I had to pull up. We met up in the studio and caught a vibe. I hopped in the booth to bring my energy to it and we created a great song. It’s a fun song that we had fun making and I think you can hear that when you listen to it."
Afrobeats reignited my obsession for music,” says Derulo. “That’s why I was so excited to create this song alongside Robinson and Rema. I hope y’all love it as much as I do.
Hailed by Billboard as “The King of TikTok” and named atop the influential “Future 25” in its 2021 “Future of Music” issue, Derulo is among TikTok’s biggest superstars, currently the 4th most followed male on the video-sharing platform with the 11th biggest account overall. Indeed, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, digital guru, and entrepreneur continues to see his already astronomical TikTok presence growing daily, now boasting more than 51.9M followers and over 1.2B likes, amassing more than 5M views with each and every post.