The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce have members from many sectors reflecting how engagement and networking can bring great benefits. Representatives from King Solomon International Business School in Birmingham attended the Commonwealth Chambers anniversary dinner in March where we met Commonwealth Chamber President, Keith Stokes-Smith. This led to Keith being invited to speak to students at the school about the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth games coming to Birmingham in 2022.

Following a tour of the School Keith addressed 70 pupils comparing the Schools Core 9 Virtues with that of the Common Wealth’s 16.

Keith said “ I was pleased to see that the School provided students  with a moral compass for life, something which seems to be more and more lacking amongst society today; further, the school aimed to “ prepare students to effectively live, work and trade  in the global economy and ensure all students succeed” . Quite an ask but a great ambition”.

Keith spoke about plans for the 2022 Commonwealth games and the opportunities for students of the school to get involved in 3 years time by volunteering to help during the games. Over 10,000 volunteers will be needed.

King Solomon has state of the art sport facilities and looks forward to working with sports clubs and associations to promote sport for life as Birmingham gets ready for the Common Wealth games.

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