According to a new report by TV provider Freeview, more than half (53%) of people in the Midlands would describe themselves as TV addicts, with TV playing an important role in their life.

The research found that viewers in the Midlands are ‘impatient planners’. More than a third (35%) say they record their favourites, to watch as soon as possible, compared with just 29% nationally.

When it comes to deciding what to watch, a third of people in the region (33%) said they make joint decision with family or housemates, compared to the national average of 31%.

But despite their ‘addiction’, family still comes first for people in the Midlands. Their top reason for missing a programme was because viewers were doing things with family (21%, compared with 19% nationally).

Guy North, Managing Director of Freeview, said:

“We’ve always known that Brits love their telly, and it seems viewers in the Midlands fit this love around their life, recording their favourites to watch as soon as they can. This reflects the fact that TV is also a social enabler, bringing together families and friends without getting in the way.”