Best known as the Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, the nation is mourning the passing of the woman whose songs helped to raise morale during World War II.

The singer was best known for performing hits like ‘We’ll Meet Again’ to the troops who were on the front line in countries such as India and Burma.

In a statement, her family confirmed that she died with them (her family) around her.

They said that they were “deeply saddened to make the announcement of the passing of Britain’s best-loved entertainer”.

Ahead of the recent 75th anniversary of VE Day during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Dame Vera said that simple acts of bravery and sacrifice still defines our nation.

Following that, she then became the oldest person to have a top 40 album in the UK charts, beating her own record when her Greatest Hits album re-entered the charts at No.30.

Dame Vera, who sold more than a million records by the age of 22, was also remembered for singing ‘The White Cliffs Of Diver’, ‘There’ll Always Be An England’, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’, ‘Wishing’ and ‘If Only I Had Wings’.

She was 103.