Nia Sharma revealed she decided to stay away from the small screen as she was “sceptical” about its future at a time when every other show was going off air in a few months.

The actress explained that she wanted to wait for the right opportunity which came in the form of her latest outing ‘Suhagan Chudail’. Her last TV series appearance was ‘Naagin 4’, which ended in 2020.

Nia explained: “It was a conscious decision (to not do TV shows) as the idea was that TV overall in the last few years has really drained in terms of TRP.

“Every show was shutting (down) in three to four months. The kind of shows I’ve done, they had longevity, they were running for years and years.

“I always believed that a project shouldn’t be like, ‘It came, and it went off air and no one was aware about it’. I’m sceptical of those kinds of things, and that’s why I was consciously not taking up a TV project because everyone was experimenting.

“Nobody was sure and even the roles that I got (offered), I did not resonate with them. All the shows that were being offered to me went off (air) in three months. So, I was kind of okay, ‘Thankfully, I did not take it up’.”

India’s TV space has also faced problems such as long working hours and harassment on set. Nia Sharma believes the situation is unlikely to improve because the industry’s focus is to churn out content regularly.

She continued: “We always know of certain things that television faces, it’s the working conditions, which will always be there because it’s (mostly about) daily soaps.

“They’re churning out content on a daily basis, they’re not here to set examples about how a TV show set should be… We all are aware of these conditions.”

After cementing her position in showbiz, Nia Sharma said she has started “demanding” the treatment she believes she deserves.

“Like, I do have a lavish vanity for myself, the money is great. The show (Suhagan Chudail) has come on my own terms and conditions.

“Going forward in life, the kind of experience that you have, you’re treated as per that. They are not going to lay a bed of roses for you on television.”

On the creative side, Nia Sharma stated that the environment is not conducive for actors as they often don’t get enough time to prepare for roles. She added: “You think you’ll get to really read a scene 10 times before doing a scene in the initial bit.

“Yes, but going forward, they’ll only be bothered about sending a telecast to be uploaded on air. I want a great treatment.

“That’s the only condition I have. I want to be treated very well… I want to go back home after a certain number of hours, where most of the time actors are expected to just stay back.

“I stay on my terms, I want my money on time. These are the basic things that I would want to keep doing in the industry.”