Nina Nesbitt’s latest single ‘When You Lose Someone’ represented a tremendous leap forward for the future pop icon, quickly reaching 5 million streams as she prepares to take her career to a new level with her upcoming third album. Just as immediate as the songs that powered her huge second album ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’, the song’s heart-wrenching take on grief provides an emotional punch that adds new potency to her pop-oriented addictiveness.

Remarkably, that’s something Nina again delivers with aplomb as she shares her new single ‘Dinner Table’, along with an accompanying video. Nina’s instantly appealing voice leads a production that’s both sophisticated, understated and growing in splendour as she reflects upon the lives of the women in her family.

Comparing her own world to the experiences of her mother and grandmother, Nina notices the big differences (differing languages; adoring Elvis in the ‘50s or Bowie in the ‘80s; a life documented in black-and-white photography). But scratch the surface, and their similarities are far more compelling. As she sings, “Some things have changed but we got the same old heartbreak… I find it funny ‘cause somehow I still relate.” Those experiences that tie a family together through the generations are something that so many people can connect with.
Nina says, “I wrote ‘Dinner Table’ about the three generations of women in my family. It tells the story of the parallels and differences in our lives, growing up in different decades, but the magic of gathering round a table and talking for hours still hasn’t changed.”
She wrote ‘Dinner Table’ with the song’s producer Ollie Green (Tom Grennan, Ella Henderson), and it was mixed by Manon Grandjean (Dave, Stefflon Don). The single’s artwork emphasises its story by picturing Nina next to her mother and grandmother when they were also in their mid-twenties.
The ‘Dinner Table’ video follows Nina as she heads back to Sweden to reconnect with her family’s roots. Her grandmother still lives there in the small town of Märsta, just north of Stockholm. Using intimate, self-filmed footage that was edited by Nina, it sees the three generations enjoying their time together sharing memories. It also shows old family photos, which reveal just how much the other family members looked like Nina in their younger years. 
‘Dinner Table’ and ‘When You Love Someone’ demonstrate that the hard-won success of ‘The Sun Will Come Up…’ will be followed by a third record that sets her up for even greater things. And just look back at everything she accomplished with that set: 530 million+ streams; a position on Spotify’s Top 500 artists; influential fans in the shape of Taylor Swift and Chloë Grace Moretz; winning Women in Music Award at the 2021 Scottish Music Awards; and a run on Radio 1’s playlist.
She hasn’t stopped since, more recently hitting #1 on TikTok UK’s Hot 50 with ‘Summer Fling’, collaborating with Seeb on ‘Sweet Dreams & Dynamite’ (later remixed by The Stickmen Project), and headlining the first ever Metaverse Festival alongside deadmau5 and Paris Hilton. Stay tuned for more big news from Nina soon.
Having recently sold-out two intimate shows in London and Glasgow almost immediately, tomorrow will see Nina commence a month-long major US tour as guest to James Arthur.