Obituary for Dr Alex Ekwueme by Mike Ndukwe

Obituary for Dr Alex Ekwueme by Mike Ndukwe


Dr Alex Ekwueme, Nigeria’s Executive Vice President in the second republic from 1979 – 1983, was an intellectual of many shades with several degrees and doctorate degrees. He was an example of the rare and quintessential Nigerian, who placed the country above personal, party or partisan interest, in the belief that the country could only move forward and realize it’s vast potentials, only when politicians rise above personal and parochial interests and put the country first.

He had in fact prepared himself to lead our great country out of the doldrums, into international significance, and position Nigeria as a true world power economically and politically but that dream was never actualized.

Dr Ekwueme was a visionary, unifying and creative leader, focused on the progress and development of Nigeria. He was super brilliant, resourceful, disciplined, principled and hard working.

In 1999, he almost single- handedly founded and nurtured the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria, with a view to leading the party to the general elections, and thereby, fulfill his nationalistic agenda for Nigeria, but this mandate was scuttled surreptitiously.

All through his life, the late Dr Ekwueme pursued philanthropy and the philosophy of one Nigeria, that should better the lot of her citizens. No wonder he built the Oko Polytechnic for his community and continued to support it throughout his life.

Nigeria and indeed Africa have lost a giant, whose loss is irreplaceable. His foot prints have been laid in the sands of time and his legacy will live forever.

We join all Nigerians to pray for eternal rest for our departed Dr Ekwueme.


Mike Ndukwe
Leader Council of Igbo Communities UK

Efuru Nwapa- Obua
Secretary/ Legal Adviser
Council of Igbo Communities UK

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