One in five Brits plan to delay Valentine’s Day celebrations for better...

One in five Brits plan to delay Valentine’s Day celebrations for better value


While love is in the air for more than half of Brits this Valentine’s Day (53 percent), a new study by price comparison site shows that some are postponing romance until after February 14.

In fact, almost one in five Brits (19 percent) are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day after the 14th February to get better value.
The younger you are, the more likely you celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day to save some money, with over a quarter of millennials (25.6 percent) admitting to this, followed by 22 percent of Gen X and just 11.5 percent of baby boomers.
Higher income couples are most likely to delay and save

Interestingly, the more you earn, the more likely you’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day late to save money. 17.2 percent of those earning between £0-£35,000 celebrate late, compared to 22.2 percent of those earning over £35,001, on average.
Londoners are the thriftiest on the most romantic day of the year, with 23.1 percent admitting to celebrating late, followed by the East Midlands (22.5 percent) and those in the South West (20 percent). In contrast, those residing in Wales are more likely to stick to tradition, as only 13 percent claim to profess their love late in order to stretch their pound further, followed by those in Northern Ireland (14.3 percent) and in the North West (16.5 percent).
Puppy love

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples as over one in twenty Brits will be treating their pets this year (7.5 percent). Dogs are favoured over cats for a Valentine’s gift as 4.5 percent of dog lovers will be spoiling their pooches while 3 percent will dote on their cat.
Other interesting stats include:

  • Almost half (46.8 percent) of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day admit to receiving a gift they didn’t like – that’s an estimated 9.7 million Brits
  • Of those who receive gifts on Valentine’s, men are more likely to not like them (52.6 percent) than women (41.4 percent)
  • Of those who receive gifts, millennials are most likely to not like their Valentine’s Day present (52.5 percent) compared with a close 52.3 percent of Gen Xers and 34.4 percent of baby boomers
  • 53 percent of Brits plan to spend money on their loved ones for February 14 – an estimated 22 million Brits
  • Those in Yorkshire and the Hunter are the loneliest, with 37.3 percent planning on not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. This is followed by the West Midlands (35.5 percent) and East Midlands (33.3 percent). On the other hand, Londoner’s are the most likely to be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year (73.5 percent), followed by Northern Ireland (73.2 percent)
  • Most people are planning to treat their wife or husband this Valentine’s Day (59.6 percent), followed by their boyfriend or girlfriend (28.2 percent) and interestingly their children (4.7 percent).
  • 3.78 percent will be buying a gift for their secret admirer, while 2.1 percent will be buying themselves a Valentine’s Day gift.
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