Buy Plant a Tree and give the fun of a day out together, planting a young tree in a new woodland in Leicestershire. The woodland will always be open for you to visit, so you can return to see the woodland as it grows, becoming a glorious habitat for birds and other wildlife, and a lovely place for you to walk and enjoy the outdoors.

Plant a Tree is available online, with a choice of certificate for you to design and print out, adding your own personalised message to your loved one. You will then receive an invitation to attend a special tree planting day in the Forest, when you select, and then plant, your 'whip' (very young tree) from a choice of native species: for example, oak, silver birch, wild cherry or rowan. All these trees make their own vital contribution to the beauty of the woodland and the diverse wildlife that will make the woodland its home.

Plant a Tree costs £25, which reflects the true cost of the tree, the land and the future care of the woodland. You can buy it online at