Sainsbury’s Launch ‘True Blue’ British Eggs to Brighten Up Your Brunch Table

Sainsbury’s Launch ‘True Blue’ British Eggs to Brighten Up Your Brunch Table


Part of the enjoyment of having eggs for breakfast is how colourful they look on your plate. There’s nothing like poaching an egg and breaking it open on a bed of toast to discover a river of bright, sunset orange yolk; the perfect Instagram picture.

With #eggs being mentioned seven billion times on Instagram in the last month alone*, it’s no surprise we’re all looking for more interesting and exciting ways to display this British favourite. Now to add more taste and vibrancy to a typical breakfast, brunch or lunch, Sainsbury’s has launched new British Blue eggs to liven up your eating routine and make your followers wild with envy.

These blue shell eggs are now being produced after years of testing by the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Egg supplier, LJ Fairburns & Sons Ltd. Adding further colour to our plates, these new British Blue eggs are available nationwide in Sainsbury’s stores.

The hens that lay these delicious new eggs have a bespoke diet consisting of a grain mix including maize and corn along with extracts from brightly coloured flowers, like marigolds, that help deliver a richer tasting, golden yolk.

James Curtis, Sainsbury’s Egg Buyer, said: We’ve been working with our supplier Fairburn’s for five years to make our Taste the Difference Egg range really distinctive. The unique British Blue breed produces an amazing pastel blue shell egg with a larger, more golden yolk and a luxuriously rich taste.  Eggs are a classic brunch component and I’m confident that these beautiful eggs will be really popular with customers.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference British Blue Eggs are now available to buy in store and online, £1.85 for a pack of six. Part of the Taste the Difference range, they also carry the Woodland Trust badge as 1p from every dozen goes to support the Woodland Trust.

And for the perfect Instagram shot try out your Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference British Blue eggs soft boiled. With the right angle, the blue shell and golden yolk will give a beautiful effect… #nofilterneeded.

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