The Sapphire Community group have announced their initiative to lower unemployment rates among youth with the expansion of their Employability Academy. The academy is helps young people to build their confidence and skills and supports them into jobs, education and training. 

Sapphire is working with two colleges to help give young people a chance to succeed. We have successfully trained over 150 young people in the past 12 months. SEA aims to provide personal development and career opportunities to disadvantaged young people and their families, particularly those who are NEET or who have been stigmatised by negative experiences.

A representative from the Sapphire community Group said: “The Sapphire Foundation is here to tell you that you are good enough! And that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the unattainable today.”

The programme also aims to support young people from similar backgrounds who already have a passion for a particular cause and who need additional support to turn their personal passions into building their own business. The Programme will consist of: Training, Recruitment, Education, Skills Development, Accreditation Courses, Workshops and Summer School.

Donations are welcomed as they look to continue inspiring, motivating, and empowering young people.