The Spice of Life: Discover the culinary heritage of Zanzibar

The Spice of Life: Discover the culinary heritage of Zanzibar


Proud to be one of the ‘Spice Islands’, the rich culinary heritage of Zanzibar, with its Swahili, Persian, Portuguese, Arab and Indian influences, is celebrated in the hands of Executive Chef and Zanzibar resident of 21 years, Jussi Husa, and his team at Essque Zalu Zanzibar. The island’s only premier resort, this deluxe destination hotel promises a true culinary adventure to delight, surprise and inspire the most seasoned foodies.

A half-day Spice Tour to a local shamba, or plantation, offers the chance to discover the spices and herbs synonymous with Zanzibar’s rich history, reflecting the island’s status and importance on the ancient trading route.  Guests will be introduced to a heady mix of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, green and black pepper and vanilla as well as exotic tropical fruits. Back at the resort, guests’ new found knowledge on local ingredients can be employed in a Swahili Cooking Class, led by native Tanzanian chefs Rose Mosha and James Zole.  Mosha and Zole share their passion and local insights, demonstrating key techniques and recipes to recreate at home, from Mishkaki, a spiced meat skewer perfect for barbeques, or Pweza a nazi, an octopus curry prepared with coconut.

Chef Jussi believes ingredients should be fresh and local, and the best way to understand a destination and its culture is through its cuisine.  He and his passionate team are always eager to recommend tailored ways in which to discover the island’s eating.

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