A young student who was voted as the ‘Young Nigerian Scientist of The Year’ was given a further boost by receiving a full scholarship – up to PhD standard.

Osogbo Grammar School pupil, Akintade Abdullahi, was presented with the coveted prize by Nigeria’s President, Muhammad Buhari, after winning the National Examination of the 774 Federal Ministry of Science and Technology-organised Young Nigerian Scientist Presidential Awards.

Osun-state student, Akintade, was recognised for coming through the tough, well-received national competition which allows students throughout the country to then be able to compete at international level as they take the next tentative steps towards being recognised as a renowned laurite in the field of science.

In presenting the scholarship prize to the young Abdullahi, President Buhari was commended, by State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola for his efforts in encouraging ia’s tomorrow’s scientists when he said: “I thank the President (Buhari) for putting these steps in place to encourage and build the capacity of our young people through education as a way of preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders”

He also paid homage to the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology for being behind the Young Nigerian Scientist Presidential Awards and its encouragement in developing Nigeria’s children and young people’s interest in science through competition.

Urging more corporate to complement the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Governor Oyetola continued: “This award serves as a lesson to our young people that background isn’t a hindrance to them – whatsoever!

“I am also proud to say that there are many more Akintade Abdullahis in Osun State schools who are just waiting to emerge”.