The Royal Shakespeare Company’s popular Theatre Tours in Stratford-upon-Avon will resume from Saturday 30 April with a new 1-hour guided tour which, when possible, will include first-time public access to the Company’s newly developed Costume Workshop, the largest in-house costume-making department of any British theatre.

Led by the RSC’s experienced team of tour guides, the newly launched Theatre Tour will invite audiences to explore the public and backstage areas of the building, and find out more about the unique history of the RSC and its buildings in Stratford. The guides will also bring the tours to life with new and engaging stories about one of the most famous theatre companies in the world.

The RSC’s iconic Tower will also reopen from Tuesday 15 March. Standing 36 metres tall, and with views across Warwickshire, entrance to the Tower will be free, and prebooking is not required. It will be open daily, closing at 4pm.

Kevin Wright, RSC Head of Commercial Development, said: “We are delighted to be offering public theatre tours again, after a hiatus of over two years. We have taken this time to refresh the tours, so that, when possible, they will include a visit to our new Costume Workshop, giving people a glimpse into the work of the largest in-house costume-making department of any British theatre.

“The guides will also have lots of new stories to tell about the RSC’s rich history, celebrating the diversity of our productions and the people who have worked here. We are also very pleased, once again, to offer everyone the chance to visit the top of our Tower with its spectacular views.”

Theatre tours will run daily, normally with four tours a day, apart from on matinee days when there will be two, and on Sundays when there will be three.