Unusual ‘zebra mice’ seeking homes after more than 100 rodents rescued from...

Unusual ‘zebra mice’ seeking homes after more than 100 rodents rescued from home


The RSPCA is looking for new homes for three unusual, stripy mice who were rescued from a home where more than 100 rodents were being kept.


Zebra mice Bashful, Grumpy and Sleepy are still looking for homes while most of their friends have already been rehomed.


The striking-looking mice were rescued by RSPCA officers from a home in Birmingham last year after an anonymous caller raised concerns about a large number of rodents being kept in unsuitable conditions.


RSPCA inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe went to the property in September and found 104 rodents being kept in dirty cages inside.


“There were rows and rows, stacks and stacks of cages all with rodents inside, from mice to hamsters to rats,” he said.


“The owner just wasn’t able to cope any more and signed all 104 rodents over to us to rehome. It took us days to get them out of the house and into rescue centres up and down the country.


“Thankfully, most of them have now been rehomed and we’re just left with the final few to get into nice new homes.”


Birmingham Animal Centre is now searching for new homes for zebra mice Bashful, Grumpy and Sleepy, and marmot mice Cagney, Jonesy and Lacey.


Emma Finnimore, from the centre, said: “Sleepy is happy being handled and is quite confident once she knows you.


“She arrived here with six other mice who were all male so, unfortunately, she is currently being kept on her own.


“Bashful and Grumpy are looking for a home together. They’re both very fast and like to jump so can be quite tricky to handle!”

Striped zebra mice or grass mice are native to Africa and live for around two to three years. They need large cages with lots of enrichment include tunnels to play in, houses to hide in and lots of wood to chew.


If you’re interested in rehoming Bashful, Grumpy or Sleepy; Cagney, Lacey or Jonesy, please visit the Birmingham Animal Centre website or call 0300 123 8585.


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