The Eden Project is set to be taken over by a pack of rampaging beasts this summer (July 24 to September 2) for the Dinosaur Uproar season. The prehistoric programme will feature five times as many dinosaurs as last year's Dinosaurs Unleashed and comes on a wave of excitement following the release of the acclaimed Jurassic World film.

The clocks will once again be wound back millions of years to the Cretaceous period but this time a whole range of dinosaurs will take over at Eden, from babies to one of the largest carnivorous beasts.

The stars of the show at Eden include:

•    The Tyrannosaurus rex. Otherwise known as the Tyrant Lizard, the iconic T. rex lived 65 million years ago and sported teeth up to nine inches long to devour its prey. These vicious dinosaurs could weigh more than seven tonnes but were still fearsome predators.

•    The Australovenator. The carnivorous Australovenator – meaning Southern Hunter – is Australia's answer to the T. rex. It featured long legs, arms and tail and was built for speed and hunting.

•    The Titanosaur. These were some of the heaviest creatures ever to walk the earth, some of which might have weighed up to 90 tonnes. Titanosaurs were well-armoured and sported spikes on their backs.

•    The Leaellynasaura. Like the Australovenator, Leaellynasaura lived in Australia. They were around two metres long and had large eyes which enabled them to see in low light conditions common in the thick forests where they lived.

•    The Meganeura. A species of giant insect related to modern dragonflies but with a wingspan of around 75cm (30”).

Intrepid Eden visitors will be able to trek through caverns on an adventure to meet all manner of rampaging reptiles. They can dive into a spectacular Jurassic scene, marvel at the sight of a life-size dinosaur skeleton, and test their skills and knowledge to survive.

There will be fun for all ages. Visitors can turn palaeontologist in the ever-popular Dig Pit, which will give youngsters the opportunity to use special tools to uncover a fossilised dinosaur skeleton, or piece together Eden's giant Jurassic jigsaws.

Chris Pritchard, Eden's production manager, said: “Last year we unleashed dinosaurs at the Eden Project and it was a roaring success. This year they're taking over! Everything about Dinosaurs Uproar will be bigger and better. We'll have five times more dinosaurs running amok around Eden and fascinating activities and exhibits for budding palaeontologists of all ages.”

Chris added: “As well as marvelling at escaped dinosaurs and life-size skeletons, we hope our visitors will leave Eden having learned something new about the prehistoric world.”

Dinosaur Uproar starts on Friday July 24 and runs until Wednesday September 2 and all activities are included in the standard Eden admission price.