Reports are abounding that US singer Janet Jackson has put her Unbreakable world tour on hold until spring to have surgery. She went onto her website and social media to let fans know that due to the discovery of a growth on her vocal chords the tour would be rescheduled in the Spring of 2016. Those dates have not been announced yet but if the tumor is cancerous it could be the end of her career.

“God forbid that this should be cancer of the larynx,” Dr. Stuart Fischer told Radar. “That would abruptly end her ability to ever perform again.”

The larynx is a part of the throat, between the base of the tongue and the trachea. It contains the vocal chords. We know that Janet is having surgery but how in-depth and destructive it might be is unknown at this time. Dr. Fischer also says that cancer of the larynx requires immediate surgery C and a patient often needs an electrolarynx, or artificial voice box, just to be able to speak and explains, “Singing would be impossible.”

Her social media is buzzing with support from fans but Janet has kept quiet about the surgery since her original post. Instead, her feed is filled with promos from Uber and a video from fans in Australia.  We’ll keep you updated on this story and hopefully on Janet’s full recovery as more news comes.