Waitrose 1 Launches in India and China

Waitrose 1 Launches in India and China


Waitrose has marked the first anniversary of its premium range, ‘Waitrose 1’, by starting to export it to both India and China.

The retailer now exports the range to more than 30 territories in response to high demand since it first launched in May last year. Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, the Caribbean and the UAE are among those territories now receiving the range.

Waitrose first started exporting to China in April 2016 introducing customers there to its other sub-brands, including Waitrose Duchy Organic and essential Waitrose. Last month it became the first supermarket to export English wine to China.

Shoppers in China will now be able to add Waitrose 1 chocolates and shortbread to the growing list of products available. Waitrose 1 tea, coffee, maple syrup, pasta and olives will now be available to customers in India. More products are expected to be available to both markets in the future.

While biscuits and coffees remain the retailer’s best sellers abroad, it is British favourites that are becoming increasingly popular. Waitrose 1 cheeses including, Cheddar, Red Leicester, Stilton, Caerphilly and Wensleydale as well as sausage rolls, Lincolnshire sausages and Aberdeen Angus Steak Pies are now being exported.

The supermarket is also exporting Waitrose 1 sloe gin and mince pies to the likes of the Cayman Islands and ice cream and salted caramel profiteroles to Barbados.

Daniel Armstrong, Waitrose Business Manager, International, said:

“Waitrose 1 has quickly become one of our most in demand ranges with its quality and provenance really appealing to the international market.  We expect it to only continue gathering momentum, especially in both India and China where our products are establishing a growing reputation.”

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