West Africa's most iconic dance-band, Orchestra Baobab, returns to the UK for a string of shows in 2022 after recently celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The group’s epic story began in the heart of Dakar’s Medina in the 1960s, where they formed a multi-ethnic club collective, which adapted Cuban music into West African Wolof Griot Culture and the Mandinga musical traditions of the Casamance.


Orchestra Baobab disbanded in the 1980s and reformed due to popular demand in 2001 with major interest from Europe. The collective features a brilliant ensemble of diverse musical personalities, encompassing a unique blend of Afro-Latin styles, international pop, West African Griot Music, and an after-dark club ambience of lilting & mellifluous rhythms.

Promoters AGMP are thrilled to announce Orchestra Baobab 2022 tour which launches in Edinburgh on 2nd March, calling at Liverpool on 3rd, Glasgow on the 4th, stopping in London for double shows at the Union Chapel on 7th - 8th,  then onto  Coventry on the 10th, Bexhill on 11th, Manchester on the 12th and finishing up in Bristol on 13th March.