World’s first crowd-funded accommodation Scholarship launches for students

World’s first crowd-funded accommodation Scholarship launches for students


The initiative; ‘Living The Dream Scholarship’, is the first ever programme to support student mobility funded collectively by the global student community. It aims to promote kindness as currency, with students applying for the scholarship submitting videos of themselves carrying out ‘random acts of kindness’ on fellow students. 

Interestingly, the scholarship is built on a Social Growth Model, meaning that it grows as Uniplaces grows. With every booking made through the Uniplaces website, £1 will be placed in the fund. 

Ben Grech of Uniplaces said: “The financial pressures of moving somewhere new are a barrier for many students. At Uniplaces, we’re passionate about increasing student mobility across the globe and empowering students to have a healthy and happy experience at university.

The Living the Dream Scholarship is testament to our commitment to breaking down social and geographical barriers for students. It offers the chance of financial support while at the same time inspiring students to be extra nice to each other from day to day.”

He continued: “Uniplaces believes everyone should feel they have a place at university, and every element of this campaign is designed to help not just those who obtain scholarships, but anyone who comes into contact with an act of kindness. It’s a simple mechanic that really brings our mission to life and encourages students to make their campuses welcoming for everyone.”

It’s our goal to make the scholarship bigger each year. For us it’s not just a scholarship, it’s a movement to help empower students to follow their dreams, while inspiring a culture of kindness across the globe.”

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