As part of its continued support for independent retailers and hard-working farmers and producers, Big Barn is running its own campaign.

Make One Change aims to encourage every shopper across the country to make a single change to the way they shop. It could be signing up to a veg box scheme for a month, ordering your milk to be delivered by a local cooperative, buying all your fruit and veg from the local farm shop or grocer, buying bread from the bakers or meat from the butchers. It could even be growing your own.

The change doesn't have to be huge, but the aim is that it will be a step in the right direction for a new way of thinking about food.

“BigBarn is constantly encouraging people away from the supermarkets and asking them to shop locally and that remains our core aim,” explains BigBarn founder, Anthony Davison. “However, for some people making that leap is just too huge. We wanted to come up with a campaign that was accessible to every one and that each person could interpret in their own way,” he continues.

“What we've always found in the past is that once a person makes a decision to change the way they shop, it normally leads onto other small changes,” he adds. “We're hoping this campaign will be the start of a whole new way of thinking for people.”

The Make One Change Campaign will run throughout May and the BigBarn website will provide a host of ideas and tips on how to change the way you shop, as well as advice, ideas and literature for retailers and producers who want to get involved in the campaign.

It will also support the campaign through social media, with testimonials, tips and advice through the BigBarn Facebook page and through Twitter with the hashtag #makeonechange.

“We're very excited about this campaign and hope it really makes people think about the way they shop,” concludes Anthony.