It is no secret that beer is the drink of choice for any curry fan and has been associated with Indian cuisine in the UK since first being served at Veeraswamy in Piccadilly in 1927. However, most of the so-called 'Indian' beer sold in the UK is actually being brewed in Europe, so to have a new beer, direct from India, is more than welcome.

Goa Premium Beer at last offers curry fans a drink to go with their spicy offering. It is a true Indian brew imported all the way from India, unlike the other main brands.

The 4.8 ABV beer comes in 340ml & 650ml bottles as well as a 500ml can and is distributed by Viiking Ventures UK Ltd. Apart from the fact that Goa Beer is actually brewed in…. well, Goa, the beer's other great advantage is that it is gluten free, based on malt and maize. The malt taste comes through clearly when enjoyed alongside a spicy curry and as a stand-alone drink, is somewhat reminiscent of Blue Moon from America.

Legend has it that in the year 1530, the weather lured India's Portuguese colonists to move their capital to Goa. Hardly a surprise, considering the tropical weather it's been blessed with. The humidity and conditions here work their alchemy on the water, to endow it with that special something. And it's this very water that gives Goa Beer its crisp, refreshing flavour, that's so distinctly Goa.