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Restaurants at St. Lucia’s Bay Gardens Resorts have not only carefully reopened their tables, they are also supporting nearby eateries by inviting them to make their food available to guests through the resorts’ Dine Around program.


Sanovnik Destang, Executive Director of the locally owned properties in Rodney Bay, said since resuming regular operations in July, “We have maintained all aspects of our revolutionary All-Inclusive Experience package which is enhanced by the Rodney Bay Dine Around plan.”


While St. Lucia's Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) protocols only allowed for takeaway or delivery at independent restaurants during this first phase of its reopening of the tourism sector, the Dine Around program has facilitated the delivery of more than 300 food orders to the resorts from top local restaurants to date, “contributing over EC$35,000 (US$13,000) into the local restaurant sector in the past two months,” reported Destang, for whom the term ‘all-inclusive’ means reaching beyond the walls of the popular hotel group. 


“Of course, Bay Gardens has excellent restaurant choices for guests to enjoy, such as our Hi-Tide restaurant, a recent recipient of the Travelers’ Choice award, but we wanted to ensure our local partner restaurants could share in the benefits of our unique brand of ‘all-inclusive’ tourism that truly includes everyone,” said Destang. 


Guests who book for seven or more nights under the All-Inclusive Experience have access to the Dine Around program. For three nights out of their stay, they are offered a choice of fine dining restaurants that include Indian, Italian, French, seafood and sushi. Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resorts’ restaurants are included as well as all drinks, including premium alcoholic beverages.  


Destang is proud of how Bay Gardens team members, the majority of whom are St. Lucian and led by a predominantly female executive management team, have supported and implemented the program. "Our well-trained staff ensure the food and meal delivery process is carried out with careful attention to COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to protect the health and safety of our valued guests, team members and the local public,” he stated.


Not only does the program expand menu options for Bay Gardens guests, it also provides a cross-training opportunity for chefs to sharpen their skills which Destang said, “encourages the exchange of favorite recipes among the food preparers and the sharing of best practices.” 


This culinary exchange, where chefs learn from one another in the kitchen, has caught on and produced mouthwatering results. “We have added exciting fusions of Caribbean and international dishes to our menus. All restaurants in the program will offer cross-training as a requirement, along with staff discounts to further foster the spirit of village tourism,” said Destang.


Some of the new Bay Gardens menu items, which have been inspired by the Dine Around program, include Breadfruit Arancini, Kingfish Rice Cake with Avocado Aioli, Seafood Mofongo, Butter Chicken, Dasheen Vichyssoise, and Soursop Cheesecake. 


Under the All-Inclusive Experience holiday, guests also receive one free spa treatment per room each day, unlimited complimentary passes to Splash Island Water Park, complimentary nonmotorized water sports, an in-room starter pack featuring refreshments and snacks, and complimentary Wi-Fi. 

Birmingham's annual German Christmas market will not be held this year, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Organiser Frankfurt City Council said it had explored all possible options over the market, which opened initially as a one-off event in 1997.


Kurt Stroscher, its director of festivals and events, said: "Christmas markets like this are a place for socialising and 'cosy closeness'." He said he did not want the market to be a place that "promotes" a pandemic.


The market will not take place for the first time since 2001, but Frankfurt council said visitors' health and safety had to be its "top priority" and the decision had been made "with a very heavy


All possible options had been "carefully explored", Mr Stroscher stated before adding that Frankfurt council would now concentrate all its efforts on 2021 "in order to return with an impressive Christmas market in its recognisable form".


The market attracts about five million visitors a year and Birmingham City Council leader Ian Ward said that he welcomed "the organiser's decision to put the public's health and safety first".


Birmingham has been on the government coronavirus watchlist recently and new rules about households mixing could be brought in.


There were 77.1 cases per 100,000 city residents in the week to September 6, compared with 31.2 the week before.



A Facebook debate is brewing online after food delivery platform Just Eat asked its followers whether they would plate up their takeaway or eat it directly from the packaging and it’s clear that there’s a divide in opinion, with 47% of the nation believing food tastes better unplated. 


To settle the debate, research conducted by the food delivery giant has revealed whether we’re a nation of platers or packaging and the dishes most unacceptable to plate up.


The research from, Just Eat - which delivers everything from burgers and bao buns to sandwiches and sushi - uncovered the foods deemed most “acceptable” to eat straight from the packaging, with McDonald’s (84%), KFC & Greggs (82%) ranking the highest. 


On the flip side, some Brits felt certain delivered cuisines should always be plated up, with Chinese meals (37%), Thai meals (38%) and Indian meals (41%) taking the top spots, arguably all sauce rich, spillable options. 


For the ‘anti-platers’, almost one third (31%) went so far as to say their takeaway experience would be ruined if they plated up the goods, with nearly half (47%) saying it tasted better from the packaging, and three quarters (75%) that eating from the packaging gave them a night off from doing any washing up or loading the dishwasher. 


Who you’re eating with also affected how we serve up, with a whopping 68% saying they’re more likely to eat food straight from the packaging when dining alone - no need for the airs and graces of plating up! 


Takeaway traditions and opinions also extended to where we eat different cuisines - on your lap in front of the TV was most popular for pizza (83%) and fish and chips (82%), whilst 69% said Chinese and Indian should always be eaten at the table (and on a plate!).


Andrew Kenny, Just Eat UK Managing Director commented: “It’s clear our customers have passionate views about whether to plate or not to plate. Research showed that 60% of the nation believe eating food straight from the packaging adds to the experience, so whether you plate up an order or not, it’s clear Brits’ passion for food delivered on demand is stronger than ever. 


Just Eat is continuously adding more options for customers, offering favourite meals from big name brands, including McDonald’s, Greggs, KFC, Subway and Pret, as well as thousands of small independent restaurants in local areas.

At the touch of a button on the Just Eat App, Brits can order from over 30,000+ favourite restaurants for every eating occasion throughout the day.





World food experts Tropical Sun Foods are partnering with their suppliers USA Rice, representing America’s rice growers, to present National Rice Week 2020, which runs from 14-20 September, highlighting rice’s vital place at the centre of many world cuisines. (see link:


Tropical Sun’s flagship product for National Rice Week 2020 is their bestselling Tropical Sun USA Easy cook Rice. This is a pre-fluffed Easy cook long grain rice, available in retail and bulk packs and used in dishes from South Asia, West Africa, the Caribbean, around the world, as well as European favourites and vegetarian and plant-based meals.


Tropical Sun National Rice Week


Tropical Sun is also teaming up with USA Rice to host a special event to celebrate National Rice Week 2020 at parent company world foods wholesaler Wanis International Foods in Golden Business Park, Orient Way, Leyton, East London on Thursday 17th September. The event will be attended by the Indian Minister of Trade and former mayors from Tropical Sun’s neighbouring local councils, Enfield, Barking and Dagenham.


The event will involve guests tasting dishes served with Tropical Sun USA Easy cook rice, cooked on the day by Tropical Sun’s expert chefs. All the government guidelines of social distancing is followed at Wanis, so guests will be in good hands.


Showing the diversity of cuisines that can be created with Tropical Sun USA Easy cook rice, the dishes will include Pilau Rice from South Asia, Jollof Rice from Nigeria and Rice & Peas from Jamaica.


Authenticity is key. Tropical Sun Foods’ bestselling lines consist of 440 products, of which 35 being made in Jamaica, including Ackee, Callaloo Jerk seasoning to name but just a few. Confirming the outstanding quality, the company has won 26 Great Taste Awards, 7 of those for products in the Jamaican range.


Tropical Sun Foods’ community brand ambassador Paul Harrison says: “Food plays a major role in our business and food plays a major role in bringing family and friends together, which we are all very thankful to be a part of.

“This year’s National Rice Week is especially important because of the need to preserve and pass on the legacy of rice dishes from different cultures around the world. These are currently enjoyed in the UK but could be lost within a generation as the British born second generation of young people from South Asian, West African and Caribbean backgrounds turn away from these traditional dishes in favour of fast food, takeaways and microwaveable snacks.


“The danger is that if today’s teenagers lose interest in these recipes, they will no longer be passed on to posterity and a vital part of these diaspora groups’ cultural heritage will be lost. Another important factor is that fast food is linked to obesity, while these dishes are healthy, as well as tasty.”


Paul Harrison says Tropical Sun doesn’t only want the National Rice Week message to reach the communities who brought these recipes here: “85% of the nation is Caucasian and we need to introduce them to these dishes as exciting and healthy additions to their repertoire. We have all the ingredients. “



As well as pursuing their passion for bringing the flavours of the world to the nation’s tables, Tropical Sun pride themselves on their work with local and international communities. Traditionally they have been inclined to keep their community and charity work fairly low-key, says community brand ambassador Paul Harrison, but in response to enquiries from customers, the company have decided to publish details of relevant activities on their website,


Last year Tropical Sun took part in the Home Office’s Black History Month event in October and supported other events around the country for this important part of the national calendar. This time round Tropical Sun are giving a hamper for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s virtual event for Black History Month.


For more information about Tropical Sun and how the company is helping the community, visit


Pictures attached:


- Debi Adebiyi (left) and Gouthami  Kunjumon (right) serving Jollof Rice - Ivonne Ajayi's Jollof Rice & Chicken Recipe


For press information call Paul Harrison at Tropical Sun Foods on 07988 528383


Issued on behalf of Tropical Sun Foods by Charles Smith, 07731 586170


Fish and chips go together like sun and sea but what do us Brits like to have with them? According to a survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out for National Fish & Chip Day by, the battle of the sauces has finally been answered with the most popular accompaniment being mushy peas (25.6%) followed by curry sauce (18.5%) and lastly, gravy (8.3%).


As a nation, the findings reveal the classic salt (44.7%) and vinegar (40.1%) are popular additions to the nations favourite; with a generous helping of bits/scraps (12.6%), a side of mushy peas (25.6%), a dollop of tomato ketchup (15.9%) and a teacake/bread roll (4.3%).


Although it's a clear favourite by all, the findings suggest Wales (26.4%) are bigger fans of fish and chips with curry sauce. 


There has been a significant North and Southern England rift in the world of fish and chips for years, believing Northerners can't sit down to eat chips without gravy. The survey suggests that it is, in fact, the South of England (35.1%) who is more likely to have gravy with their fish and chips than those up North (11.5%).


When choosing fish, Brits prefer cod (59%) over haddock (24%); however, battered haddock is more popular than cod in Scotland. For those who prefer something different, northerners (9.5%) and the Scots (12%) are more likely to order battered sausage, and those in the South East are partial to a good old pie (10.7%).


Gareth Irving, director of, commented: "Each part of the UK has their own way to enjoy our most treasured national dishes. It's interesting to see that the British approach to fish and chips is more united than we originally thought. However, there is still an apparent contrast between the North and South of England."


"Whether we're at home or away visiting one of the nation's charming seaside locations on a staycation, it is clear to see the British love of the simple pairing - no matter how you choose to enjoy it."



A green-fingered mum determined to teach kids about the power of fruit and veg has penned a children’s book to educate them on the power of healthy eating.
Selina Brown, from Birmingham, wrote and self-published the illustrated children’s book, Nena: The Green Juice, while looking after her two-year-old daughter during lockdown.
The idea for the self-funded book came after noticing how claustrophobic her daughter, but also the young children in her family, were feeling and how unhealthily they started eating.
The NHS says that eating a healthy, balanced diet promotes good immune function and mood.
Wanting to share this message and create a solution, Selina wrote an entertaining children’s book that would uplift their physical and mental health, whilst educating them on the importance of fruits and vegetables and the positive effects on their bodies and immune system.
Nena: The Green Juice follows 5-year-old Nena, a young Black girl with a big afro, as she creates her first ever green juice using ingredients like kale and apples. Her journey ends with a big surprise. 
Selina said: “I was at home during lockdown seeing the children around me eating unhealthily. Given we were in the midst of a pandemic, it was extremely worrying as I knew how this could negatively affect their immune system. I wanted to create a change so I wrote a book that brings the fun into fruits and vegetables.
“I would love for this book to motivate young children to eat their veggies at dinnertime or inspire a family to make a green juice together. Green juice is a staple part of mine and my daughter’s lifestyle – we drink one at least three times a week which has such a powerful impact on our health from increased energy to better concentration and for me, clear skin.”
With Covid-19 and the onset of the winter flu season, parents like Selina are increasingly concerned about their family’s health and it’s so important to explain the importance of nutrition to young children. Merging the knowledge into a fictional story makes this information much easier for children understand, Selina explained.
She said: “My overall wish is that every child that reads Nena: The Green Juice will fall in love with eating healthily and taking care of their bodies. Or at the bare minimum, eat two pieces of veg off their plate!”
Character Nena resembles the children in Selina’s family, which was extremely important as just 1% of children’s books published in the UK in 2017 featured a Black or minority ethnic main character, according to the *Reflecting Realities study.
She added: “It was important to me that the main character was Black as you don’t see many books with a young Black female character with a fluffy afro on the cover. Representation and diversity in books really matter to me as young Black children need to see positive images of themselves. I have been getting so much positive feedback from my children that have read the book, they are finally happy to see someone who looks just like them”.
“As coronavirus has a higher rate of infection in the Black community, we need to be talking to children about health from as early as possible.”
Nena: The Green Juice is now available to purchase on Amazon at: