Dementia Action Week marks Alzheimer's Society's biggest and longest running awareness campaign, where, each year, work will be done with individuals and organisations to encourage people to ‘act on dementia’.

The campaign – running from today (May 13) through to the 19th. - brings the UK together to take action on improving dementia diagnosis rates. With 1 in 3 people in the UK living with dementia without a diagnosis, 91% of people affected by dementia say there are benefits to getting a diagnosis, with the Government and the NHS urged to prioritise research into a cure the disease.

The dementia diagnosis process helps people to access the right support to live as well as possible, but it can be different for everyone. Understand how a dementia diagnosis can help, like talking to your GP as the first step to find out if you have you are suffering.

Dementia Action Week is an awareness raising campaign where, each year, the Alzheimer's Society – for one – in the UK, work with individuals and organisations to encourage people to act on dementia. This year’s focus is on dementia diagnosis.

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