Colors: Pink Color
Colors: Pink Color

The Victoria and Albert Museum is set to honour supermodel Naomi Campbell in a new career retrospective exhibition titled NAOMI, which will take over the art space in 2024.

The Streatham-born Londoner will be the centre of one of the V&A’s upcoming exhibitions, which will explore her rise through the fashion industry. As well as showcasing pieces from Campbell’s own personal wardrobe archive, some of her iconic runway looks are also set to be displayed as part of the collection.

The exhibition, which is based on the fashion icon, will open at the Victoria and Albert Museum in June next summer. The NAOMI collection is set to take over the V&A for a total of 10 months.

With the announcement aptly coming during this Black History Month, the Naomi Campbell exhibition at the V&A will be showcasing the supermodel’s work as a diversity champion as well as her decades in the fashion industry.

It’s World Afro Day today, where from Black or Mixed-Race ethnicities are celebrating the natural kinky, coiled, or curly hair attempt to normalize afros and their natural texture and end discrimination towards people who wish to wear their hair in their natural afros.