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Hundreds of people have already had their say by completing a short survey about the safety of women and girls living, working in or visiting Wolverhampton – and others are encouraged to do so as soon as they can.

The survey, which is being conducted by West Midlands Police and the Safer Wolverhampton Partnership, asks women and girls how safe they feel when they are out and about, and to share details of issues they may have either witnessed or experienced anywhere in Wolverhampton, along with locations that are of concern to them.

There has been a surge in female plasma donors in Birmingham since the introduction of new ‘female friendly’ donation machines in August, boosting future supplies of a lifesaving medicine.

There are now 402 female donors in Birmingham, making up 29% of the active donor base. Before the new machines were introduced, only about 8% of donors were female, fewer than 100 people.

Nearly 300 social workers came together in-person for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic for the City of Wolverhampton Council's seventh annual Adults and Children’s Social Worker Conference earlier this week. The event, at Fox’s Lane Conference and Banqueting Centre, featured a range of keynote speeches and workshops, with the aim of celebrating social work practice and further improving services for Wolverhampton’s children, young people, families and adults with care and support needs.

Volunteers and staff at St Giles Hospice will be going above and beyond to help patients, and their families, living with a terminal illness create special memories this festive season.

One person who is familiar with the support St Giles provides over Christmas is Sheila Shaw, whose daughter, Mandy, was cared for during the festive period in 2021. As Sheila’s first Christmas without Mandy approaches, she’s looked back and relived the special memories that they created together with the support from volunteers and staff at St Giles.

Holding on to small moments of joy and positivity is going to be particularly important this winter, with the cost of living and energy crises likely to continue making things difficult for people across the UK.

Psychologists from the British Psychological Society have given their advice and tips for finding the light this winter when things are feeling tough.

Healthcare professionals and residents are being urged to make a pledge to become an Antibiotic Guardian – and in doing so help ensure that life-saving medicines can remain effective for longer.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week is underway, highlighting the fact that antibiotics are a precious resource which should only be used when prescribed by a certified health professional.

Olton-born bereavement counsellor Saiqa Phillips, 32, will be jumping on her Peloton bike and riding 100 miles a week for 10 weeks to raise funds to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Marie Curie hospice in Solihull.

The Marsh Lane hospice has been providing end-of life-care for patients with terminal illness in its purpose-built building since 2013, relocating from the old Warren Pearl site on Warwick Road.

The Antibiotic Amnesty is underway in Birmingham and Solihull, with local healthcare leaders encouraging everyone throughout the region to return their old or unused antibiotics to their nearest pharmacy. Over 300 local pharmacies in the Midlands are supporting the month-long amnesty, which is taking place throughout November to promote the safe disposal of antibiotics, while raising awareness of how the misuse of antibiotics has contributed to medications becoming less effective against harmful bacteria. 

End of life charity Marie Curie is inviting members of the community to join them at their hospice in Marsh Lane on Sunday 4th December at 4pm for their first Lights to Remember Service since coronavirus restrictions were lifted. This special event offers people who have been affected by terminal illness or bereavement the chance to come together at the hospice, joined by staff and supporters.

Responding to the latest Emergency Department performance figures published by NHS England for October 2022, Dr Adrian Boyle, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said: “The crisis in Emergency Care is dire. October saw nearly 44,000 patients face a 12-hour DTA wait – we know 12-hour waits measured from decision-to-admit are just the tip of the iceberg and hides the reality.

Dr. Rose Giammarco, one of Canada’s leading headache experts, says headache disorders continue to be underestimated, underrecognized and undertreated.

The renowned headache specialist, who has been hosting a monthly series of “headache treatment” clinics at Health City Cayman Islands, believes that appropriate recognition, diagnosis and treatment, as well as lifestyle modification and patient education, can improve significant disability and quality of life in affected patients.