It has been said that Jamaica's tourism earnings are expected to be much higher this year and is set to exceed pre-COVID-19 levels.

That statement was made by Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, who said: “We are looking now at earning in excess of US$4 billion this year, which would exceed 2019 figures by US$500 million to US$600 million.


Speaking at a recently held Think Tank, at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) head office in Kingston, he said: “Tourism is looking good and we are making sure that the industry is playing its key growth role in the wider Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth arrangement.” He added that priority is also being placed on ensuring that the sector is more inclusive, and provides for the well-being of Jamaica as a whole.

“In 2019, our average length of stay would have been somewhere around 6.9 nights,” Director of Tourism, Donovan White, added, saying: “In 2022, we are just over eight nights per visitor.” He also said that the average daily rate in 2019 was approximately US$168 per person, per day while in 2022; the rate is US$180 per person, per day.

He noted that during the extended stay, visitors are going to more restaurants, bars, parties, events and are buying more craft and taking more tours.

Ministry Bartlett will be observing Tourism Awareness Week from September 25 to October 1, under the theme: 'Rethinking Tourism'.