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The University of Wolverhampton has launched a brand-new judo programme to encourage students to rediscover the sport at the state-of-the-art British Judo Centre of Excellence, based at its Walsall Campus.

Judo is an Olympic sport and has a broad competition base from social participation through to the elite. Since British Judo relocated its Head Office to the University’s Walsall Campus, their long-standing relationship has continued to thrive with the University hosting BUCS Judo Championships and students competing in worldwide competitions. 

£40,000 grant awarded to help the Birmingham 2022 volunteering programme live on beyond the Games. Spirit of 2012 has announced the award of a grant of £40,000 to the Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee to help secure the future of the Commonwealth Games’ volunteering programme.

The 14,000 people, known as the Commonwealth Collective, generously volunteered their time over the summer are credited as the most diverse group of volunteers ever seen in the UK.