10,000 steps to fun this summer at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

10,000 steps to fun this summer at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience


The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has vowed to help you laugh your way to good health and have the best summer yet – that doesn’t mean counting the calories or entering a gym!

Scientists have found that laughter can give the body a ‘mini aerobic workout’* and psychologists have long-championed the benefits of laughing to improve your mental well-being. Seize the summer and give yourself a mind and body makeover by taking on race against the clock challenges that will have you laughing your way to a happier, healthier you.

Instead of being focused on getting ‘beach body ready’ this summer, cancel that spin class and hunt down crystals at the immersive experience instead.

Don’t risk being unhappy and sweaty, working out in a grey gym when instead you could be crawling, running and sliding your way around a uniquely themed maze and laughing whilst you unintentionally burn off that ice-cream you’ve just had. Or not because hey, it’s summer and who doesn’t love a 99p flake?

There are better ways to get your heart rate up than the dreaded stair master! The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is all about spending time having fun with your friends and family guaranteeing a whole bunch of laughs, plus the satisfaction that you are working up a sweat too.

Your FitBit will come in handy and work overtime as the average player takes 10,000 steps each time they complete the mixture of both mental and physical challenges at the interactive attraction. This experience is bound to be more entertaining than trudging on a treadmill.

For the first time ever, Crystal Maze LIVE Experience in London is also opening its doors to visitors aged 13 and over rather than 18+ so teens will finally have the chance to see what all the Richard Ayoade-fuelled hype is about.

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