A poll by the London and Australia-based interior design studio, Conscious Cribs, found that 87% of people who responded are worried about the hidden toxins in their home and how it could be affecting their health.

The interior design team at Conscious Cribs focus solely on healthy and sustainable interior design for high-end residential properties but are keen to share their expertise with all homeowners planning future redecoration projects.

“We’ve seen a growing curiosity amongst the general public about the toxins in wall paint, stain-resistant carpets and fire-resistant mattresses – especially those who are already living a more organic, healthy lifestyle,” commented Mima Romanic, Head Interior Designer at Conscious Cribs in London. From volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and PFAs to formaldehyde and petroleum-based compounds, the design firm is helping to raise awareness of the chemicals people are breathing in at home.

Liz Linforth, Head Designer at Conscious Cribs in Australia, added: “There is increasing research showing how these common chemicals in our furnishings and interiors are increasing our risk of allergies, asthma, respiratory illness, brain development, infertility, cancer and more. Fortunately, there have never been more natural choices for home decoration – you just need to know where to look.”

Many people discover the risks of these chemicals when refurbishing their bedroom or decorating a baby’s nursery. 

“It’s common to stumble upon these toxins when people start researching mattresses or wall paint,” Liz, a new mother herself, added. “All of a sudden you discover just how much you and your baby are breathing in when you sleep!”

To help, Conscious Cribs has launched an online interior design masterclass that guides people through healthy home decoration. The first course in the series focuses on bedroom design and how a few small changes can make a big difference to sleep quality, circadian health and overall wellness.

All readers who sign up to learn more about the courses will receive an exclusive discount to use on the September SLEEP module.