Irish tech start-up Mentor Her launched a new opportunity for employers to sponsor their female employees on a six-week program to push career acceleration and close gender gaps. Since its inception during the pandemic in 2020, Mentor Her has been running a six-week program five times a year connecting ambitious women with successful Mentors who are established in key areas of the corporate world, entrepreneurship, and self-development.


The six-week program, that has already seen huge success, facilitates the meeting of women who need help, with those who want to give it.  Over the course of six weeks, carefully matched Mentors and Mentees meet privately for one hour to help women get ahead- they are facilitated by weekly material to help structure the conversation and access to a community of private groups, networking calls, workshops, and events.  

Mentor Her’s mission is centred around supporting the individual in order to achieve gender diversity in the workplace. If companies desire to close their gender wage gap, support more women into leadership roles and facilitate the addition of more women on their boards- Mentor Her believes in starting small. By focusing on individual women and helping them build resilience, increase their self-confidence, and plan career frameworks- more women will be encouraged to seek out and pursue bigger and better opportunities.

The company exclusively offers mentoring for women by women, across all industries and professions. The team and their advocates believe that the lived experiences of women differentiate from their male counterparts and should be addressed in different ways. The company helps women at all levels, from those just finding their footing in an industry or growing in their positions, to planning to balance motherhood with professional life, moving into leadership roles and even seeking out retirement opportunities.  

During the current economic climate women who want to grow their career and business are often battling hesitation, fear and doubt. This is balanced with political, social, or even personal issues, that can only really be understood by a woman who has travelled that path before them. Mentor Her offers a safe space, where not only women can address, improve, and grow their professional positions but also feel secure in talking about issues like workplace interactions or the journey of motherhood. 

While mainly based in Ireland, the UK and with a strong foot-holding in the US, the company has boasted Mentors and Mentees from around the world from Shanghai to Mexico City. Mentors have included big names in media and entrepreneurship alongside small businesses owners and executives in Facebook, Intel, Salesforce, Google and Penguin among many others.   


For companies who are interested in the initiative, they can choose from a range of options from sponsoring Mentees on Mentor Her’s next six-week program to hosting an internal mentorship program within their organisations, based on the success of Mentor Her’s B2C offering.

Mentor Her’s 98% effective Matching rate on their program has already garnered incredible results. They have matched women around the world, in professions from HR to Marketing, in industries from Tech to Travel. As a result of their Mentor Match, many women have started out in new industries, built resilience in their roles, developed their style and techniques, improved on their leadership and gained higher positions within their companies. Mentees can sign up to the program from as little as €199, and Mentors to the panel are accepted year-round.


Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her, says: “Companies around the world have pledged that they will close their gender pay gap, promote more women into leadership and diversify their board members but often don’t know where to start. By focusing on the individual and garnering the talent that they already have within their companies, we believe they can get a step closer to achieving their goals.

“When female employees are given the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective outside of their organisation, they become inspired and empowered to pursue better opportunities - we have already seen this hundreds of times on our program. The women who come from our six-week program are often clearer on their career path, inspired to really push themselves in their roles, feeling more confident in meetings and able to communicate with their team more succinctly.

“If we can empower more women in this way at the individual level, companies will be able to see a clear shift towards making their big quotas on gender diversity a reality. If companies can commit to mentor her, to support her in her goals and ambition and develop inclusive workplaces, then we’ll all be in a better position- worldwide.”