Over 20 Action for Children inclusion champions from across the UK Action for Children have taken part in innovative anti-discrimination training at Cape Hill Children’s Centre in Birmingham.  The day included a workshop delivered by the Anthony Walker Foundation which was set up by the family of Anthony Walker following his racially motivated murder in 2005. 

The Anthony Walker Foundation works to prevent youth involvement in hate crime by working with all young people across racial groups to feel secure in their identity and empowered to welcome and celebrate diversity in their communities.

Action for Children’s head of inclusion, Siobhan Corria said:  “We can never get complacent about discrimination and much of our work centres around unconscious bias and the types of discrimination that can take root in organisations and communities.  I was delighted the Anthony Walker Foundation agreed to talk to our Inclusion Champions and that Stephanie Walker, the sister of Anthony Walker led an interactive session called ‘Colour Blind’ which looked at stereotypes and how these can manifest within communities. 

“This important work underlines our commitment to creating supportive and motivating environments for all Action for Children staff and the thousands of people who use our services.  The champions came from all corners of the UK to participate in the session and will share their knowledge and learning with colleagues in their service and offices.”