An Indescribable Love

An Indescribable Love


For the navy, army. royal air force officers here, the veterans, their families and the families of veterans gone, I want to say;

I hope in the indescribable, unimaginable love,
that exists for you,
it diminishes,  into insignificance,
when compared to any human love.

I trust in the indescribable,  unfathomable love,
that exists for you,
that will heal,
more than any medicine,
or operation can ever do – when the time comes.

This indescribable, incredible  love,
will cover, any scars, seen and unseen,
and make our defenders whole again – when the time comes,

I believe in the indescribable, uncontainable love,
powerful and all consuming,
yet so gentle, we can all feel it, hear whispers, from inside our souls, if we try.

There is an indescribable, indefinable, and beautiful love, that has inspired us, to be here, laying the wreaths,
where we give absolute respect, admiration and love to, the families and friends, of their outstanding beloveds, who have passed on, and to those, who are still here.
It transcends, time, space and sky.

I know there is an indescribable, inexpressible, love that exists for you, defendes, still alive,  within this great City of Birmingham,

It  will never be extinguished.

Know,   that, we will always remember, who carry and carried, wounds for us.
Know, that, we, know, who lost, for us.

So, in all grateful appreciation, we recognise, who,  and  what, was sacrificed, for us.

We,  give can not, give God, enough, thanks them,
for their indescribable bravery,
and ask, that He gives them,
an indescribable peace,
resting in His indescribable, everlasting and infinite love.

Yvonne Mosquito 01/09/2018   

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