Regarded as the unspoilt Canary Island, La Gomera is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. From sandy coasts and deep ravines to laurel forests and volcanic mountains, there is no shortage of amazing vistas to behold. Each viewpoint has its own special charm, and their diversity is sure to leave even the most well-travelled sightseers impressed.

Mirador de Abrante – Agulo

Have you ever wanted to experience the sensation of flying? Head to Mirador de Abrante to discover what it really feels like. Perched on a clifftop above Agulo, this glass observation deck provides visitors with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean and the three town centres below: El Charco, Las Casas and La Montañeta. On clear days, the island of Tenerife can be seen bordering the horizon, capped by its highest volcano, and the highest in Spain, Mount Teide.

Mirador de Abrante also has a gastrobar, so you can take in the views while tasting Canarian-inspired international cuisine. It's also a great place to see daily exhibitions of the Silbo Gomero whistling language by the restaurant's staff in the afternoon.

Alto de Garajonay – Garajonay National Park

Alto de Garajonay is the highest point of La Gomera at an altitude of 1,487 m. With a 360-degree view, it allows you to see almost the entire island on clear days, as well as the islands of La Palma, El Hierro, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. In the summer, usually in the evening, you can even see unforgettable views of the 'mar de nubes', which literally translates as a 'sea of clouds'.

What's more, there are many archaeological treasures to be found here as it was once an ancient site of worship for the pre-Spanish inhabitants. These original settlers would choose the island's highest points as symbolic sites, as indicated by the various remains that have been found in the area.