Banned Iceland Advert Got Your Attention? Find Out How Your Travels Can...

Banned Iceland Advert Got Your Attention? Find Out How Your Travels Can Save Orangutans


Iceland Supermarkets have done much to raise awareness of the plight facing orangutans in Indonesia, and their pledge to stop selling self-branded products containing Palm Oil is awesome and a positive step in the conservation effort.

Philanthropic travelers can also make a positive contribution on an Impact Destinations trip to Indonesia. Travellers will accompany a family of rescued orang-utans from an area facing loss of habitat due to Palm Oil production, and witness their release in a protected reserve where they can thrive.

This is a true adventure for generous travellers that combines the finest luxury that Indonesia has to offer with an immersive experience releasing the orangutans in a wild and remote location.

Impact Destinations specialises in sustainable luxury trips that blend sightseeing with a unique experience that is unlocked by a philanthropic donation.

Witnessing the release of an orangutan family is one example of the unique experiences we offer; others include:

  • A day trip on the water with a marine biologist working to save hammerhead sharks in Costa Rica;
  • Witnessing a rhino relocation from a heavily poached reserve in South Africa to a safe one in Botswana
  • Tracking arctic foxes in return to a donation to WWF in Iceland
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