The Eden Project will boldly go on an epic Journey Into Space this summer (July 27 to September 3) with its biggest, most ambitious season of activities yet.

Journey Into Space will include the chance to train as an astronaut, go on a breath-taking interplanetary tour and have an encounter with an alien visitor.

This will be the first time Eden has brought space-themed activities to its summer visitors. The centrepiece of the programme will be a Solar System Safari, which will take visitors on a spectacular journey through all eight planets in our solar system.

They will experience a unique environment based on the conditions on each planet. This will include a trek through the inhospitable icy wasteland of Uranus, the chance to witness gas giant Jupiter rising from the vantage point of its moon Europa and a beautiful fly-by of Earth before landing in its lush vegetation, learning why it is uniquely placed to support life.

Extra-terrestrial investigators will also be giving the opportunity to explore a mysterious crash-site that has appeared at Eden, helping a team of scientists find out what happened and coming face-to-face with a mysterious alien visitor.

Visitors will be able to see a prototype of NASA's next Mars rover, due to launch for the red planet in summer 2020 and land on the surface by February 2021.

The new rover will conduct the first investigation into the usability and availability of Martian resources, including oxygen, in preparation for human missions to the planet.

Younger visitors will be able to learn what it takes to become an astronaut, including practicing their spacewalk technique in a giant inflatable dome.

They will also be able to get experience programming and driving one of Eden's “Mars rovers”. They will get an authentic experience of having to drive by remote link using a video feed to see where they're going. A scale model of the International Space Station will also be available to view.

An exhibition of images from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition will be on display for the duration of Journey Into Space, showcasing the best of astronomical photography, from spectacular skyscapes to pictures of galaxies millions of light years away from Earth.

The season will feature a regular selection of talks and workshops from space experts. More details on speakers and dates will be announced shortly.

Gordon Seabright, Eden's Managing Director, said: “Journey Into Space is set to be the biggest and most spectacular summer season in the history of the Eden Project. We will be explaining the fascinating world of space exploration, showing visitors the vast and awe-inspiring universe that surrounds us and helping people realise just how special Earth is and why we should be looking after it.

“Space is a subject that holds a fascination for people of all ages and backgrounds, from the professor of astrophysics unlocking the secrets of the universe to the small child who dreams of becoming an astronaut. This summer at the Eden Project, we will be tapping into that fascination and providing entertainment and enlightenment for all our visitors.”