Blue Horizons Garden Resort in Grenada had proudly announced that after their fifth consecutive year of Green Globe recertification, the resort has been rewarded with Gold Membership.The resort now joins an esteemed 79 other members globally, ranks 6th in the Caribbean region and the 1st in Pure Grenada. Owner, Arnold D. Hopkin said, “Since 2003 our resort has been committed to practicing sustainable initiatives. We are honored to have been re-certified by Green Globe and a recipient of their GOLD award."

“This award is a direct result of the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of the Blue Horizons Garden Resort team who are motivated by our ‘Keeping it Green – Small Efforts Big Impact’ program,” added Owner Hopkin.

As the name depicts, the 6¼ acres of garden and grounds play a significant role in what the resort has to offer and its responsibility toward preserving the natural environment in which it has become known for.

In the past 3 years, the gardens have been transformed by planting approximately 9,500 indigenous scrubs, pants and trees creating over 250 new green spaces. This tree-planting program has allowed for a more tranquil and relaxing environment for guests and has created a safe haven for the 27 species of tropical birdlife on the property. A recent weekly Bird Watching tour may allow guests the opportunity to sight the endemic and endangered Hook Billed Kite (Chondrohierax uncinatus). Rare trees such as the Barringtonia speciosa and African Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) are preserved and garden signage can be found erected throughout garden beds. Large copper pots repurposed as planters preserve a piece of local history.

“It is no longer business as usual. Reducing our carbon footprint is everybody’s responsibility and partnering with and being supportive of businesses who share a similar sentiment is important,” concluded Owner Hopkin.

Over the past few years, the resort has averaged 2500 recycled beer and wine bottles per year. One year ago, 100% of garbage bags used on the property were converted to a bio-degradable option resulting in approximately 9,620 environmentally friendly bags sent to the landfill. The use of re-usable crates, boxes and tote bags were instituted in restaurant food purchasing. The resort purchases sustainable seafood and local and seasonal foods in menu planning.

The property has converted to 95% LED bulbs, 100% Inverter technology air conditioning units, 100% solar water panels, installed an energy saving swimming pool pump and maintains a light reduction policy contributing to an energy reduction of 40% over 3 years.

With Grenada experiencing only a dry and rainy season, water conservation is imperative to the depletion of natural reserves. Gravity-fed water storage tanks, rainwater harvesting in the laundry department, management of leaky pipes and a towel reuse program all contribute to the approximate 1% annual reduction goal.

Social initiatives are of great importance and the resort has been dedicated to supporting various organizations: Children’s Health Organization Relief and Education Services; World Paediatric Projects and Globe-athon to end women’s cancers below the belt are causes dear to their heart.

Blue Horizons Garden also believes our associates are our advantage and aims to be a responsible and reliable employer. As a small team, we work closely with one another to accomplish daily tasks making everyone a member of our Green Team. Knowledge and skills determine the quality of our products and services and we aim to provide the necessary training and encouragement.