Are Wales fans daring to dream that the team could make it through to the final 16 in the World Cup?

Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler says she "needs a hero", borrowing a line from one of her songs, to inspire players. Mathematician Hannah Fry has done some number crunching and reckons Wales have a 2.2% chance of bagging the four goals needed against England to go through.


Fans may prefer other permutations if Wales are to avoid going home early after a 64-year tournament absence. Broadcaster Fry told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg how maths could help predict an upset based on the Fifa world rankings.

She highlighted Saudi Arabia's 2-1 win against Argentina and Germany's 1-2 loss to Japan before saying her data showed England have a 65% chance of a straight win against Wales today.

Wales have one point after two games following their 1-1 draw against USA and 2-0 defeat by Iran in Qatar. But England missed their chance to seal a last-16 spot with a game to spare as they were held to a scoreless draw by the USA, although Southgate's team beat Iran 6-2.

Fry said Wales have a 35% chance of beating England, but only a 2.2% chance of winning by the four clear goals needed to give them the edge in goal difference. However, they can also qualify if they beat England and there is a draw between the United States and Iran.

If the USA-Iran match does not end in a draw, Wales must beat England by four goals to advance.

"We've got to believe in ourselves, we can do it," Tyler told the programme. "I'm very proud of the Welsh team. Get out there and do it for Wales.

"I need a hero, come on boys," she added.