There was an unusual visitor to one of Sandwell Council's polling stations Newton Ward last Thursday.  An escaped budgie flew in through the open door in the community room at Hamstead house where voting was taking place. He stayed perched on the polling booth watching over voters for around two hours. He also came over to have a look at the ballot box.

The polling staff asked voters if they knew of anyone who had lost the budgie and word quickly spread. The budgie managed to escape from the polling station just before it's owner came to collect him.

A member of staff said: "The budgie caused quite a stir in the polling station with voters but seemed quite happy to perch on the voting booth. 

"We really hope the budgie was eventually reunited with his owner."

If anyone does know what happened with the budgie, please tweet (excuse the pun) us @sandwellcouncil or let us know on Facebook: