Distinguished Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan was the guest speaker at a special talk hosted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Caribbean American Heritage Committee and the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

During her remarks Dukharan congratulated the SEC for its inclusiveness, progressiveness and fairness and noted the existence of a Caribbean Heritage Committee indicates that the Commission understands the importance of lifting minority voices.

She described three main sources of unfairness to which Caribbean people are subjected: gender discrimination, racism, and climate catastrophe. Despite the inequities, Dukharan delineated opportunities to affect positive change in the region.

In terms of gender parity, she said: “Look at your policy framework and see how you can support women and families. A disproportionate burden is laid on women and we need to find a way to support them.”

On racism, she encouraged people to reach out to their legislators and amplify their voices. Addressing climate challenges, she said: “It’s very important to be extremely mindful in the way that we live our lifestyles.

“Not only on food, but what kind of car you drive, its fuel source, how that fuel is delivered, all these make a difference. Absent net-zero by 2050, the climate crisis will only worsen, and nobody will be spared the fallout.”